Enhance Your Study
Abroad Experience
in Japan

“Dormy” is a student dormitory,
established to support the daily lives of international students in Japan.
“ Dormy” provides private furnished rooms and
healthy homemade breakfast and dinner every day,
which allow students to experience Japanese food culture.
By providing shared communal areas and organizing various kinds of events,
designed for students to communicate with
each other and spend valuable time together,
“ Dormy” supports international students in
making their study abroad experience enjoyable and worthwhile.


Private furnished room

As each private room is furnished with basic furniture and equipment, it is economical and there is no need to worry about a hassle of bringing heavy luggage and a lot of furniture when moving in.


  • bed
  • desk & chair
  • curtain
  • closet
  • internet

Air conditioner / Wi-Fi router / bed / room light / curtain / desk / chair / chest(closet) / book shelf / desk light / TV terminal / charged options

  • There are a few exceptions.
  • Pictures are model room images for illustration purposes only. Actual fixtures may vary.


Support from dorm manager and dorm mother in everyday life.

Studying in Japan and living away from home for the first time may cause anxiety and can be stressful, but those feelings will be taken away with support from dorm manager and dorm mother.
Homemade Japanese style meals are served everyday※, and a variety of convenient facilities such as laundry and large communal bath is available at Dormy. In addition, support desk offers customer service in English, Chinese and Korean as well as Japanese so that there is no need to be concerned about the language barrier.

  • Except designated holidays such as Sundays, public holidays, summer and winter holiday.
When you don’t feel well
Care and treatment is given when feeling sick. Dormy staff will contact parents or school if necessary.
  • Dorm Manager・Dorm Mother

  • Daily Homemade Meal


  • Large Communal Bath※There are private shower rooms and shower booths as well.


Events to build up friendships with Dormy members

Dormy is a kind of community which organizes various events ranging from welcome parties and international exchange events to Japanese cultural events and handson Ninja activity, providing opportunities to meet and socialize with people from different countries and across various dormitories.

Varieties of events are held periodically to offer opportunities where students from different countries can interact.


Increasing number of foreign students live in Dormy

Over 170 Dormy in the metropolitan area
You will surely find a best Dormy which is conveniently located with good access to your school and live there safely even in the unfamiliar place.


More than 2,000 international students living in Dormy
As there are lots of foreign students filled with both expectations and anxiety in Dormy, you may find an answer to your worries through talking with others.


Students living in Dormy are from more than 50 countries
Dormy provides chances where you can meet varieties of cultures. Please make the best use of your valuable time while staying in Japan.


Dormy has been supporting foreign students for 25 years
Dormy has a long history and experience of hosting International students. Dorm manager, dorm mother and staff members are looking forward to your moving into Dormy.


※As of June 2022

Flexible Plans

We offer two contract plans and three-room types to choose from so as to satisfy different purposes of utilization.
Please choose one which satisfies your needs.

Long-term stay plan for foreign students. (90 days or more)¥ 73,520〜/month
Long-term stay plan for foreign students.
Short-term stay plan for foreign students. (less than 90 days) ¥ 83,800〜/month
Short-term stay plan for foreign students.

Choice of room types

Spacious room.No need to clean sink or washbasin.
Washstand-equipped room is convenient for dressing in the morning
Fully equipped with bath, toilet and kitchen
Fully equipped with bath and toilet