• Before You Apply

Before You ApplyPlease apply after fully understanding and agreeing to the following conditions.

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Contract and Cost

Contract Start and End Date

Contract start date can be any date except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Contract end date is fixed on the 24th of a month (20th in some dorms).
If『International Student Support System』applies, the period of a contract must be more than 30 days but less than 1 year (no renewal fee required). In a dorm where this『International Student Support System』does not apply, the length of a contract can be longer than 1 year (renewal fee required).

  • April, May or September cannot be chosen as contract end month since that is when many international students move in.


Rent for the first month is prorated.

Rent is charged on a monthly basis, and full rent for the last month is required regardless of move-out date.


Rent, electricity and internet fee are to be paid up front.

  • In some dorms where『International Student Support System』is not applicable, having a direct contract with a power, gas or water company. In that case, it is your responsibility to complete necessary procedures to use those utilities and make payments directly to them.

Initial Cost

After application, we charge【Security Deposit】【Entrance Fee】【Building Maintenance Fee】【Rent for the First Month】and【Room Cleaning Fee】for initial cost. In case a contract starts after the 15th of a month,【Rent for a Following Month】will be added to initial cost.
In dorms where『International Student Support System』does not apply, 【Yearly Management Fee】is charged as a part of initial cost.
Initial cost once paid is not refundable except【Security Deposit】which is to be refunded only if you move out after fulfilling a contract. 【Security Deposit】will be a penalty fee and non-refundable in case of early termination of a contract.

Please ensure that you write your personal code in the remittance form when you make a bank transfer.

Cancellation Fee・Change Fee

Fees listed below will be accessed for cancellation made after submission of application.

1 month to 15 days prior to contract start date ¥25,000
14 days to 1 day prior to contract start date ¥50,000
After contract start date Full amount stated in the invoice

For any change to application made after issuance of invoice for initial cost, the following fee will be charged.

  • This does not apply to a change of contract start date due to flight schedule if requested within 10 business days prior to move-in date.
Change Fee ¥1,000 / each time

Contract Orientation・Signing

It is mandatory to attend an orientation session for signing a contract within 2 weeks after moving in.

In order to complete contract procedures and sign a contact, an appointment for contract signing at Kyoritsu Maintenance must be arranged with a person in charge on weekdays between 9:30AM to 5PM.
You are expected to bring a copy of your『Passport』『Student ID』『Residence Card』and『Personal Data Form』as well as stationaries and your personal steal (if you have) with you to the office. In case student ID is not issued by then, a copy of it can be submitted to the dorm manager at a later date.

If it is difficult for you to come to our office for signing a contract for some particular reason, please consult a person in charge.

【Kyoritsu Maintenance Customer Center for International Students】
2-18-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Contract Renewal

『Contract Renewal Request Form』is normally sent out by mail 2 to 3 months prior to the end date of a contract, and it is to be submitted to the dorm manager after checking yes or no.
If『International Student Support System』applies, the contract renewal period should be minimum of 3 months up to 1 year and no renewal fee is required.
In case『International Student Support System』does not apply, there is no restrictions on the length of a contract to be renewed though renewal fee is required in accordance with the length of a renewed contract. Please contactCustomer Center for more information.


A room must be vacated by the end date of a contract. You are required to inform the dorm manager of your move-out date once confirmed.
Move-out room inspection must be carried out by the dorm manager and keys are to be returned to him before moving out.
You will be held responsible for any damages incurred during your occupancy and will be charged for repair cost.
Smoking is prohibited inside a dorm. Repair cost will be assessed regardless of degree of damage if caused by smoke


Payments should be completed before moving out. If not completed, any outstanding balance should be paid in cash on the day of move-out.
【Security Deposit】will be refunded when moving out after fulfilling a contract. Your bank account details should be filed to the dorm manager before leaving in order to receive a refund.【Security Deposit】will reach the designated account by the end of a following month.

Early Termination of Contract

In case of early termination of a contract, full rent for the month following the month of submission of request form is to be paid.
Request for early termination of a contract should be submitted to the dorm manager at least one month prior to the intended move-out date.

Please be noted that【Security Deposit】will be a penalty fee and will not be refunded If a contract is terminated prior to its original end date.