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Can I connect to internet in the dormitory? Is Wi-Fi available?

Each room has a wired internet connection so you can use it from the day you move in. Wi-Fi is available in very limited number of dormitories. If you wish to use Wi-Fi, please bring a router.

Can I choose my contract length?

Yes. However, it must be more than 3 months in case of long-term contract. Also you cannot end the contract in April, May and September.

How do I make initial payment? Can I use a credit card?

Once you receive an invoice from us, please make payment by the due date stated on it. Please note that you need to bear any fees that will incur along with the wire transfer.  We are sorry that we do not accept credit card payment.

Can I share a room with my friend?

All the rooms are designed for one person and you are now allowed to share it with others.

Can I select my own room?

We allocate students a room randomly. You do not have choice to select a room on your preference in principle.

What if no room is available in the dormitory I requested?

We will find and recommend you other dormitories that have available rooms.

What is like Sunoko Bed and what kind of bedding I need to bring?

Please see below for the image of Sunoko Bed. Please bring Futons for yourself as no mattress is attached to it. Bedding rental is available.

What is Room Cleaning Fee?

Room Cleaning fee is charged in order to keep and maintain your room and communal spaces in the dormitory clean and tidy. It is charged for all residents who stay in our dormitory for more than 4 months.

Can I change my move-in date after dormitory was assigned?

Yes, only if your flight conflicts the move-in date/time or you have other critical reasons. You must notify us by email of the change no later than one week before you move in.

Can I send my luggage to the dormitory in advance?

No. Please ensure that the luggage is delivered after you move-in.

Do you offer transport service from the airport to the dormitory?

We are sorry we do not arrange transportation service. Please come directly to the dormitory by yourself.


Can I transfer to another dormitory?

Yes, you can if any of the rooms in the requested dormitory becomes available.  As we do not offer waiting-list, please contact us for the availability.


Do I need to submit any documents at move-in?

Please fill out Personal Data that we send you prior to move-in and submit it to your dormitory manager. Please make another photocopy and bring it to our orientation.

Can I cancel my application after I submitted the application form?

We accept cancellation with conditions as below.

1 month to 15 days prior to your contract start date single:25,000yen  /  Twin:15,000yen
14 to 1 day prior to your contract start date Single:50,000yen /  Twin:30,000yen
After your contract start date Full amount stated in the invoice

Can I renew my contract?

Yes, you can renew your contract. We will send you Renewal Confirmation Form about 2 months before your on-going contract expires.  If you wish to extend your contract, please circle “YES” in the form and submit it to your dorm manager. The extension period is from 3 months to 1 year. You cannot choose April, May or September as the month of termination of the contract.

I made a contract with meal plan. Can I switch to no meal plan?

If you are a resident who made contract under “International Student Support System, meals are inclusive in the rent as free of charge, you cannot remove the service. For those who has a contract outside the above system, please contact Customer Center.

I need to leave the dormitory before my contract terminates. How can I request an early termination of my contract?

If you need to leave the dorm prior to the expiration of the contract, you must        notify your dormitory manager no later than a month before you leave to file

a “Henkou Kakuninsho” (a confirmation form to change the contract).

If you fail to abide by above rules, you have to pay the full rent of an extra

month. Note that deposit is NOT refundable as a penalty.

Is there anything I should do before I move out?

You must notify your dormitory manager at least one week prior to your   move-out once the date is confirmed. Clean your room and finish packing by the day before the day you move out and have your room inspected by your dormitory manager by move-out day. Do not leave any personal property nor garbage in the room

How will my deposit be refunded?

Please notify your dormitory manager your bank account information. We will refund the deposit to the designated bank account in the following month you moved out. In case you would like us to remit to your overseas bank  account, you are responsible for the charges incurred by the transfer.  * In case you have fees to settle, we will deduct them from the deposit.

Can I bring my family or friends to the dormitory? Can they stay here?

If you would like to invite your friends or member of your family, you must notify your dormitory manager and get an approval of the visit in advance. Your friends cannot stay overnight in the dormitory. Overnight stays for your family member of the same sex are limited to 2 nights and 3 days in a month. Please contact the dormitory manager in case you need bedding or the meals for your guests so he/she can arrange them at extra cost.